Brunch Hours
Saturday-Sunday 8-3pm
No WiFi No Computers 8-3pm

Green Lentils with Pickled Fennel, 6 Minute Egg*, Garlic Toast   10.00
add lardons 2.50

Vif Breakfast Bagel Sandwich – with a Fried Egg* Cheddar, Smoked Ham, Pickled Radish, Arugula, House Hot Sauce and Cultured Kimchi Butter 9.75

Smoked Sprats on Seawolf Rye with Labneh, Red Onion, Capers, Dill 8.00

Avocado Tartine with Vif Kraut 6.00
Add a fried egg* 2.00 Add bacon 2.00

 Bread Pudding French Toast with Crème Fraîche and Roasted Rhubarb 9.00

 Columbia City Campagne or Seawolf Rye Toast with Butter and Jam 4.00
add a 6 Minute Egg* 2.00

 Vif Granola with milk 6.00

Vif Organic Yogurt with Honey and Sweet Dukkah 4.25
with fruit 5.00
with Vif Granola 6.00

Chicory Lettuces, Parmesan, Fennel, Croutons 9.00
add a 6 Minute Egg* 2.00
add Lardons 2.50

Soup of the Day 8.00

*Consuming raw, undercooked, and unpasteurized food may increase your
chance of foodborne illness