Lunch Hours
Monday-Friday 11:30-3:00

Soup of the day 8.00

Chicory Lettuces, Parmesan, Fennel, Croutons 9.00
add a 6 minute egg 2.00
add lardon 2.00

Pan Bagnat-Oil packed Tuna, Piquillos, Olives and Oven Roasted Tomato on Ciabatta 10.00
add a hard boiled egg* 2.00

Quinoa Salad with Rhubarb, Dates, Feta, Dukkah and Preserved Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette 9.00
add a hard boiled egg* 2.00
add sardines 3.50

Grilled Gruyere Sandwich, Smoked Ham 8.00
add oven roasted tomato 2.00
add sauerkraut 1.00

Avocado Tartine with Vif Kraut   6.00
add a fried egg* 2.00
add bacon 2.00


Wines by the Glass – Daily Selection

A bottle from our shelves – add 10.00 corkage

*Consuming raw, under cooked, and unpasteurized food may increase your
chance of food borne illness