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There are so many things in the world that divide. We believe that wine unites. The place for wines is in a glass, at a table, at a picnic, at a party, or in your backyard, by a fire (when you’re lucky). You can take wine seriously one day and not the next, sip or gulp. Wine belongs in life with friends and family. Vif Natural Wine Alliance offers the opportunity to come together around a shared experience. We want to talk with you about the wines we love and the meals that they inspire. We want you to imagine the vineyards and producers and the history that built regions. Ally yourself with the Vif community and share the complexity of what can be made from one ingredient.

Here’s how it works:

We will have 2 monthly club subscriptions. In each you will receive 2 bottles of wine that will be chosen based on season, color, weight, region, whim. They will be natural-as are all wines at Vif-meaning they will be fermented utilizing wild yeasts. Most importantly they will be delicious!

Each subscription will include notes about what inspired the selection and some ideas about what dishes might be a good match for the wines. There is an allotted budget for each Alliance that can be reached but not surpassed. In some months we may fall for wines that go under budget-in this case you will not be charged the full amount…we’re just fair like that.

Vif Natural Wine Alliance is a conversation in the waiting. Join in!


Vif Natural Wine Alliance #1

Drink Wine Everyday

$40 per month

Everyday Wines are just that; wines that you want to have around all the time because they are charming and easy to love. You know what that means…you’re not saving them for a special meal or night. These are wines you want to have on hand so you don’t dip into your special stash. Drink Wine Everyday wines are the sort you’ll want to order again, by the case!

Vif Natural Wine Alliance #2

Drink with Focus Wine

$80 per month

Focus Wines will be those that you will want to spend time with over a meal, or evening, or even a few days. They might need decanting to coax them to reveal their inner goodness. Drink with Focus Wines are the sort that you may want to order again for your cellar or special meal.

DOWNLOAD the Vif Wine Alliance application or fill out the ONLINE FORM to get started!