private events at vif


Vif Wine|Coffee is available for private events after hours

Vif can accommodate up to 24 guests for a sit-down dinner, or 40 guests for a 'cocktail' party (these numbers can increase in summer months due to outside seating availability). Our space is great for business meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, private wine tastings or other special occasions.

Menus can be custom-tailored to suit your needs, along with wine pairings from our excellent in-house selections.

Please email us at to discuss your event or for more information.

After Hours Availability
-Monday-Wednesday after 7pm
-Saturday after 6pm
-Sunday after 5pm

Early closure fee: $350/hr
Facility Fee: $500
Food & Beverage minimum: $1200


- Buffet dinner: $55 per person (appetizers plus two courses)
- Family style dinner: $65 to $75 per person (appetizers plus two courses)
- Dinner Beverages: $25 per person
- Special order dessert: cookies, cakes and tarts available. Prices A.Q.

During business hours we are available for the following:

HAPPY HOUR: (maximum 12 people, 4:30-6:30 Sunday through Wednesday)

- Appetizer & Vif snack board menus: $15 to $35 per person
- Happy Hour beverages as ordered

LUNCH: (maximum 8 persons, Monday through Friday)

- Family style lunch: $25 to $35 per person for food
- Lunch beverages as ordered

All events and pricing are subject to changes depending on menu and wine selections.  

Sales tax and gratuity are not included.