Raw Wine Week Tastings

November 6th - 10th

The Raw Wine Fair was started in London a few years back by Isabelle Legeron, MW and author of Natural Wine. She has been so successful (imagine la Petite Soif times 100) that she has launched the fair in NYC and LA. This year Vif will have people at both U.S. based fairs to taste wine with visiting producers-all 150 of them! In solidarity with the cause to continually promote Natural Wine we will host a series of Raw Wine Week Happy Hour Tastings with special guests and producers who are stopping over in Seattle between the events. 

Save the Week!

Come to Vif and Meet Special Guests
5-7 pm

Tuesday November 7th
Cacique Maravilla - Bio Bio Valley, Chili

Thursday November 9th
Cavas Recaredo - Alt Penedes, Spain
with special guest Hama Hama Oyster Company

Friday November 10th
Importer - De Maison Selections - Holly Wing