November 2017 Wine Alliance Notes

Vif Natural Wine Club
November 2017

Ingredients Matter

And so the season of indulgence begins!

Our philosophy on the matter is-if you’re going to eat and drink big try your best to eat and drink the best ingredients possible. Most people think about ingredients when cooking but never even consider them when opening a bottle of wine. This oversight is entirely forgivable as the marketing of wine has led us to think that all wine is naturally made and organically farmed. Beware! The wine industry is a big and powerful business that would have us believe every wine it sells comes from a vineyard where an old dude in corduroy jeans works quietly surrounded by song birds, butterflies and bunnies. In the cellar he simply squishes up the grapes and voila, wine!

It’s a great image however it’s a curtain hiding the ugly truth of manufactured wine. There’s a lot of potential ingredients that can be added to wine before, during and after it’s been fermented. They are designed to adjust a wines color, texture, aroma and flavor. They can fix problems like too little alcohol, too much alcohol, too little acid, too much acid. The list is kind of terrifying and in some cases toxic, especially when you consider the residue of chemicals sprayed in vineyards riding on the skins of grapes and then making their way into the vat. The crazy thing is that there is no requirement that the ingredients added to wine must be listed on the label!

Yikes! What to do? Well, you know…drink natural wine. Producers of natural wine know that the best way to achieve a balanced and delicious bottle is to constantly work towards ultimate health in the vineyard. Healthy soils = vines = healthy grapes = healthy fermentation = healthy wine all made without the use or need of additives!

Back to indulgence, I can tell you from experience both personal and observational that when drinking a lot of wine one will feel way less hungover when the wine consumed is made naturally! There has been no formal study, but my working theory is that this is true because natural wine is made from really good ingredients and none of the bad ones.

The wines for your club this month were selected with a holiday table in mind.
Drink Well!

Focus Club

2015 Domaine de la Cadette, Bourgogne Vézelay, La Châtelaine $25
Grape – Chardonnay
Fun Fact – Just this month Vézelay was granted AOC status! 

2016 Château Thivin, Côte de Brouilly, Cuvée Zaccharie $45
Grape – Gamay
Of Interest - Cuvée Zaccharie comes from a small and very old vineyard sites, has a long vinification then is left to age in small old barrel for 1-5 years. Expect a serious wine and decant!

Everyday Club

La Soeur Cadette, Vin de France, Melon $23
Grape – Melon de Bourgogne
Fun Fact – There is very little Melon left in Burgundy where this wine is from. Most of it now grows in Muscadet.

Domaine les Villiers, Beaujolais Villages, P’tit Grobis $18
Grape - Gamay  
Fun Fact – The winemaker employs two different fermentation styles, traditional and carbonic, then blends them together for this wine. Why stop at one!