August 2017 Wine Alliance Notes

Natural Wine Club – Summer Dreaming

Wow Summer, why are you in such a hurry? Before we have to say ‘see you next year’ how about we linger for a few more nights over a glass of wine and watch the sun sink behind the Olympics?

For August’s Natural Wine Club, I propose a season’s finale mental vacation. A day dream that takes you somewhere remote, raw, beautiful and warm. Any wine maker would tell you that vine growing regions over deliver in all ways mentioned while providing the added bonus of a delicious activity to ward off reality. As your assistant in ushering along the image, we offer you a selection of wines that are grown in places that quiet the soul and call out for exploration. While you sip, open google maps, find the vineyard, a near-by restaurant, a place to sleep…buy a ticket, live the dream.

Drink Everyday Club
2016 Ameztoi Primus Txakoli, Getariako Taxkolina, SP $23

Grape: Hondarrabi Zuri
About the wine- The Primus is a unique cuvee at Ameztoi in that it spends time soaking on its skins and is then left on its lees for 6 months before bottling. It’s also only produced in special vintages-about 75% of the time.

Fun Fact to fuel a Day Dream- The vineyards of Ameztoi are in the Basque Country and sit facing north on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. From the property, you can see the city of San Sebastian where you might grab a lunch of fresh seafood. The wine is named Primus, which means first, in honor of the Getaria native that completed the first circumnavigation of the globe after Magellan’s death. 

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2016 Côte di Franze Cirò Bianco, Calabria, IT $17
Grape: Greco Bianco
About the wine – Although the landscape surrounding Côte di Franze Cirò is unspoiled and offers long views out to the Ionian Sea, it’s also hot, so the family built an insulated winery and use stainless steel tanks so they can maintain freshness and quaffability  in their wines.
Fun Fact to fuel a Day Dream -  The vineyards of Côte di Franze are in the best regarded growing region of Calabria, Cirò, which is way down in the toe of the boot in Italy. They rest in a stretch of hills above of the dramatic Ionian Coast. Calabria is a rugged region with a history of wine production that dates back so far that is it said that Olympian victors thanked the Gods with the wines from Cirò.

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Drink with Focus Club

2015 Occhipinti SP68 Bianco, Terre Siciliane IGT, IT $25
Grapes: Moscato di Alessandria, Albanello
About the wine – The SP69 Bianco is macerated on its skin during fermentation for 15 days. After, it is aged for 16 months in concrete vats and then bottled unfiltered.
Fun Fact to fuel a Day Dream – Arianna Occhipinti is so intensely engaged with her land in the Southeast corner of Sicily that she alone is worth a trip to Sicily.  Since we’re fueling a dream… Please read, Arianna brings her landscape to life.

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2014 Nanni Copé Sabbie di Sopra il Bosco, IGT Terre del Volturno, Campagnia, IT $58
Grapes: Pallagrello Nero, Aglianico, Casavecchia
About the wine – At Nanni Copé only one wine is made, this wine. It is the result of Giovanni Ascioni’s obsession with 2.5 hectares of land called Vigna Sopra il Bosco, in Campagnia, where some of his Cassavecchia vines are over one hundred years old. Here each plant is registered and the vineyard is divided into sections with unique protocols for pruning, foliage management, surface management and harvesting. The wine making is equally focused. At Nanni Copé ‘attention to detail’ is an understatement.
Fun Fact to fuel a Day Dream – Castela Campagnato is a quiet, unpolluted area in the hills 40 kilometers Northeast of Naples (not too far a drive for the best pizza in the world).  The region sits about 700 feet above sea level bordered by the Sub Apennines to the east and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west. Not too far south you’ll find Mt Vesuvius. Nature and history will compete for your attention.

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